Post Meeting Information


  1. District Convention
    • 4/12
    • Austin, Texas
    Post 76

    Division convention
    • May
    • San Antonio, Texas
    Alamo Post 2

    Department Convention
    • July
    o McAllen, Texas

    National Convention
    • August
    o Charlotte, North Carolina

    May 3rd
    • Auxiliary garage sale
    • 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

    May 24th
    • 10am
    • Flags at local cemeteries

    May 26th
    • 10am
    • Flags at Hays County Veterans memorial

    Boys State
    • Later in April with afternoon interviews

  2. May 24th

    Flags at City cemetery
    Chapel, if it rains
    Hot dogs at the post afterwards

    May 26th

    Flags at Hays County Memorial

    New officers elected

    Commander - Thomas L. Tvrdik
    First Vice Commander- Barry Davis
    Second Vice Commander- Victor Vargas, Jr.
    Adjunct- Ray Richard
    Sergeant-at-Arms- Chris Hinkelmann
    Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms- Dennis Bomberger
    Chaplin- Johnnie Emmons

    Post 144 History

    Founded 1919
    Current post building built in 1976
    Original post was the old hospital on Belvin Street
    Second building- CM Allen rock building

    Old picture information

    19 people in photo, 13 or 14 passed away
    Photo was taken after a snake was discovered climbing the rocks in the back room to go up to the ceiling.